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Thanks to everyone who was able to attend – it was great seeing each of you!


Special thanks to G-COR & Hotlines for their financial support in helping Midwest & EZ-Suite present this year's event.  With their help this year’s conference had over 300 people in attendance from over 100 different businesses!


We hope all attendees learned something valuable they can take back home with them to help grow & develop their businesses.  From the awesome content provided by all the speakers tied into the networking, & the friendships built, it was an amazing event!  Our expectations were to make everyone feel like the confidence in their future sales, management, direction of the business, software, and network utilization are better off today than before.  Thanks for an amazing time, we look forward to seeing you again soon!  

Ryan Mandell:  The Implications for Auto Recyclers of Increasing Complexity and Disruption in the Global Economy

Wes Gipe:  As a Man Thinketh




Karl Milliron:  Midwest Updates and Strength of the Network




Jim McKinney:  Network Efficiencies and Inefficiencies

Matt Lacy:  Changes In Industry Numbers

Alex Bechstein & Betsy Finnel:  Using EZ-Suite & Hotlines to Improve Production Efficiencies & Increase Brokered Parts Profits

Angus Harris:  True Cost of Brokered Parts

Charlie Salter with Panel Armor:  Introducing Midwest Runner Shop

Derek Odson & Josh Robertson:  All About Claims

Chris Atencio: Managing the Production Process with EZ-Suite

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