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Midwest Runner

Transporting the Future

of Auto Recycling



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Our Story

In 2003, Karl Milliron of Milliron Auto Parts decided to step into the transportation business and form what is now known as the Midwest Runner. Starting with a small network of 8 yards, he was able to provide quick, reliable, and affordable transportation service between the yards. These yards also gained the ability to expand the reach of their parts and provide their customers with parts that were previously unavailable. The Midwest Runner has now grown to over 160 yards and operates out of 10 service hubs and 18 states throughout the United States in addition to 2 Canadian Auto Recyclers

Who We Are
Our Vision

The Midwest Runner is a transportation company that focus's  on advancing the automotive recycling industry and enhancing its members ability to never say no to their customers. 


We offer 1-3 day transportation to all 160+ of our members. Our industry specific transportation equipment, software, and knowledge allows us to safely transport your valuable investment to its final destination.  

Enable our members to grow their business and remain viable in a competitive market place. 

For a unique look at our Mansfield hub & insight on our daily operations, please watch the video in the link below:  

(345) Take a Tour of the Midwest Runner Trucking Hub - YouTube

About Us




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Affordable Transportaion

Our members experience transportation costs far less than the conventional LTL used in the past.

Opportunity for Growth

No longer will you have to send your customers to a competitor because brokering parts is not worth the money or time. With the Midwest Runner you can fill orders in 1-3 days and turn your money on that investment in 30-60 days at a fraction of the cost.

What We Offer

Tracking Software

The Midwest Runner uses EZ-Runner, an EZ-Suite Product, that integrates with Pinnacle, Hollander, and Checkmate. 

This software allows you to have visibility into where your parts are at any given time along with many other features.

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Group Trading

Expose your parts to the 300+ sales people utilizing the Midwest Runner Car-Part, Hotlines, & Eden Exchange groups.


A Recycler's Touch

Our company employees are trained and experienced in handling auto parts like frames, motors, rear ends, and bed boxes. We also have custom racks built specifically for doors and other sensitive body parts. 

Have comfort your parts will arrive in the condition you shipped them in.

Why Us



Deep Industry Knowledge

Our employees are committed to making the industry a better place for the communities and customers they serve. We participate in many state and national associations and have been in the yards business since 1954.

Rethinking Salvage Aquisition  

Shifting some of your business from salvage acquisition to product acquisition creates better cash flow for participating members. No longer will you have to wait 90-120 days to make a profit on your investments. Exposing your parts to the Midwest Runners 300+ salesmen is the fastest way to a profitable new revenue stream. 

Continuously Improving

We are always looking for new opportunities to improve whether it be through new equipment, employee training, software solutions, or vendor opportunities.


It Works

Trading Partner lookup

Midwest Runner member utilize Midwest Runner only Car-Part, Eden Exchange or Hotlines groups to find the part within Midwest.

Broker The Part

Communicate with your customer that you can get them part in 1-2 days.

Selling Yard Pulls and Prepares Product

Selling yard pulls, packages, and creates a shipment using EZ-Runner software.

Product is Transported by the Midwest Runner

Once on our trucks, the product takes 1- 2 days to get to its final destination.

How it Works
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