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At Pete’s Auto Parts, 80% of our POs come in, and 40% of our sales go out on a big blue Midwest Runner truck! The facilities on the Midwest Runner are Pete’s best customers and our best suppliers; they are vital to our business. We have dedicated shipping associates who handle all of our outgoing quality control and packaging  for Midwest Runner parts, and they are busy! Over the years we’ve learned some great tricks for success on the runner – buying rolls of corrugated paper in bulk, renting a bubble wrap machine instead of buying and storing rolls of bulky bubble wrap, taking pictures of parts before they are packaged, giving salespeople a chart that shows how many days away each yard is, and keeping sales informed on exactly when parts will hit the truck. Not all parts can make it on the truck the day they are ordered, but our managers message our salespeople multiple times throughout the day to advise them on the dismantling line, warehouse pulling times, and yard pulling times, so they can sell with confidence. Inventory control is key: when you order from Pete’s it’s rare a part comes up missing or damaged – but when it does, we inform the buyer as soon as possible, so they have time to reorder. Although Pete’s isn’t a huge broker, we have found that giving POs is the best way to get them – so we reach out to the other yards on the runner and buy from them, start a relationship, and next thing you know, they’re ordering from us as well. We continue to grow our sales with existing customers and new ones joining up on the Runner – it just keeps getting bigger and faster. We are continually impressed by how the parts are handled with care and professionalism, and how quickly and easily damage claims are handled, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional LTL or small package carriers. The bottom line is that the Midwest Runner helps us to increase our bottom line!


Amber Kendrick, President & Sales Manager

Pete’s Auto Parts, Jenison, MI

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