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Hotlines has been working with Midwest Runner and EZ Suite to develop industry changing software specifically designed for yards who participate in trading networks. This new software, Midwest Runner Exchange Window, is one of the most innovative products to hit our industry and was developed with extensive feedback and input from many of our current Midwest members.


This product DRASTICALLY STREAMLINES the efforts of our salespeople in the brokering and sales process. The Midwest Runner Exchange Window creates so many efficiencies and opportunities to enhance sales and brokering that It would take me 3 pages of text to illustrate the benefits of this new system. So instead, please take the time to view the tutorial video at

Should you have immediate questions about Midwest Runner Exchange Window and its implementation, please contact Betsy Finnell at Hotlines, Inc. (866) 355 – 5350, or Josh Robertson at Midwest (567) 303-4614.

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