Midwest/PRP Cross Network Trading

Dear Member:


Midwest Runner along with Team PRP have been working on the next level of development for our trading groups. We are proud to announce a new program, that will allow those of you who are not currently a member of both trading groups, the ability to buy and sell within either group. Starting March 2nd, 2020 any current member of Midwest, who wishes to participate, will be able to trade with any member of Team PRP and visa-versa. This is an opt-in program designed to enhance sales opportunities for the members. There will be a separate billing structure for those who choose to participate in cross-network shipments. Current billing structures within Midwest and PRP will remain the same for everyone within their respective group and for those who are currently members of both.


The shipments will be tracked by a new instance EZ-Runner and EZ will also handle the billing directly with each member.  For those who participate, billing will take place on a monthly basis. Each participating member will be invoiced on the first of the month for prior months activity, EZ will then pull funds via ACH on the 10th of the month. All members wishing to participate in this platform will need to have ACH billing set up with EZ-Runner prior to participation.


We will be holding several webinars to further explain in detail on how the program will work in conjunction with Q&A sessions in February, (dates to be announced), to allow all parties an opportunity to review and understand the process.  It is important to note that this is an entirely voluntary process You must opt-in if you wish to participate.


Both Midwest and Team PRP are excited about this cross-network trading program for each group and are strengthened by the advancements this will make in our industry. We encourage each of you take advantage of this monumental opportunity, not only for the advancement of your own business, but one that will also embolden our industry.



Karl Milliron 

*To sign up, please follow this link: https://share.hsforms.com/1M09G3opYTJO_Nm0GASi16A486me